Pinkberry has the outstanding products, impeccable brand awareness and superb model to make your franchise journey a breeze. When you’re looking to buy a franchise, Pinkberry makes the process simple and the rewards second to none.

Buy a Franchise Packed with Passion

The first step to buying a franchise with Pinkberry is understanding the passion that goes into everything we do, from our exceptional frozen yogurt to our industry-leading business model. Our franchisees come equipped with a profound passion for all things Pinkberry, and we’ve seen the difference that makes for their businesses.

Grab a cup for yourself. Speak with our fantastic franchisees. Get out in your community and see firsthand the passion people have for Pinkberry. When you’re looking for a business for sale, the passion you feel for Pinkberry will help you make the right decision to franchise with the original tart frozen yogurt brand.

Explore the Benefits to Franchising

Your franchise journey should focus on what a franchise can do for you. When that franchise is Pinkberry, it can be a truly life-changing experience. From financial freedom, to the joy and confidence of being an entrepreneur, to providing jobs and fun experiences for all the froyo fans in your neighborhood, owning a Pinkberry franchise is packed full of benefits. And they can all be yours faster than you might think.

Get in Touch with the Pinkberry Team

The most important step on your journey to franchise ownership is reaching out to us. Once you make contact, our dedicated franchise team will help you get started on the right foot to ensure your franchise is in the best position to thrive. With Pinkberry on your side, you’ll know exactly how to open a franchise and how to make it the best froyo franchise around.