You’ve got the opportunity to join the top frozen yogurt franchise in the industry — the one and only PinkberryÆ. We’ve been churning out delicious, tart frozen yogurt since 2005, and we’ve learned how to help our franchisees hone their Pinkberry passion and turn it into thriving businesses.

We’re the Original Tart Frozen Yogurt

We started the tart frozen yogurt craze. And we’ve helped turn passionate Pinkberry fans into powerful frozen yogurt franchise owners. The time is right for you to grab a spoon and join us with a frozen yogurt franchise of your own.

The Froyo Field is Booming

Just like you’re always in the mood for froyo, the market is always in the mood to keep froyo franchises on top. When you join Pinkberry, you’re digging into an industry that holds a special place for consumers and shows no signs of melting.

Serving Your Customers with Passion

Customers choose your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise because, in addition to the delicious, tart frozen yogurt, they know they’ll get the unbeatable service that’s become synonymous with Pinkberry. When you master handing out every cup of froyo with two hands and a smile, and teach that mastery to your employees, you’ll be ready to really create a stir with your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise.