Are you considering investing in a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise? It’s important to make sure that we have everything you need to be placed on the path toward success and that you have what it takes to own your own frozen yogurt franchise.

Is a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Franchise Right for You?

Whether you are a first-time business owner or looking to expand your investment portfolio, a frozen yogurt franchise might be right for you.

Thanks to years of experience and the backing of Kahala Brands, Pinkberry has the resources to help franchisees build up a frozen yogurt franchise business. You will receive world-class franchise training at Kahala Brands’ headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. Training will give you all the information you need to run your frozen yogurt franchise, including information on operations, management and the history of Pinkberry in the frozen yogurt industry.

If you already are a pro at operations, accounting and the other aspects of owning a frozen yogurt franchise, we have the support team that, with your business acumen, will take you to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. Pinkberry’s team of experts can help you with stellar site selection, game-changing marketing, and employee training.

Are You Right for a Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

As much as we want to make sure Pinkberry has what you need to thrive as frozen yogurt franchise owner, we seriously consider the people we award Pinkberry franchises to. Do you have what it takes?

Pinkberry is an excellent franchise opportunity for first-time entrepreneurs. But even without experience owing a business, many of our franchisees are coming in with some experience that will be helpful. Do you have a background in customer service? Or maybe sales? Or management? Those are skillsets that serve Pinkberry franchisees well because the Pinkberry customer is unlike that of any other frozen yogurt franchise. We serve up each cup of our delicious, tart frozen yogurt with two hands and a smile — and that makes all the difference.

Why Pinkberry?

The Pinkberry franchise opportunity stands out. From our start, we’ve been frozen yogurt innovators. By franchising with Pinkberry you could become a part of the brand that is largely responsible for the boom of every other frozen yogurt franchise. Now is your chance to franchise with the industry original.

Our values are another reason Pinkberry is an attractive investment opportunity. We are dedicated to:  uncompromising quality, emotional connections, customer delight, team member excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and profitable and responsible growth. These values not only guide the Pinkberry corporate team, they are also pillars for our franchisees — and their employees — to adhere to. We are a frozen yogurt franchise dedicated to our integrity.

The most important reason to franchise with Pinkberry is simple; you must be a fan of the brand. Whether you like just a few sprinkles, or so many topping you can’t see our signature swirl, lovers of Pinkberry make the best Pinkberry franchisees. You get why Pinkberry is so special. You have the chance to share the Pinkberry experience with others.