Have you been researching low-cost franchise opportunities? If so, you’ve probably realized that not all restaurant franchises are created equal. Franchise fees can vary wildly, as can the total investment. Frozen yogurt franchises are typically less expensive than other restaurant franchises, however the benefits enjoyed by franchisees differ by company. Pinkberry® is a stand-out franchise brand for a number of reasons, not the least of which are the top-notch perks we offer our franchisees.

A Wildly Popular Brand Name

One of the most unique benefits of franchising with Pinkberry is the status of our brand. Celebrities like Oprah love our products, and it’s not uncommon to see famous faces at our franchisees stores. Best of all, they’re not shy about tweeting about our brand, giving our franchisees great publicity. Our uncompromising commitment to taste and quality, combined with our innovative flavors, led our brand to experience unprecedented growth, with franchises opening across the United States. If you’re considering opening a frozen yogurt franchise, the strength of the Pinkberry brand can’t be beat.

A Modest Franchise Fee

The Pinkberry franchise fee is $35,000, a comparatively low fee for a franchise like ours. That franchise fee opens the door to a number of important benefits for you. For instance, we’ll offer you top-notch support when it comes to getting your location up and running. Our brand experts will provide you with valuable guidance when it comes to selecting a location. With years of experience helping new franchisees open their doors, we know what to look for when it comes to identifying the best spaces in your area. We’ll even send one of our experts right to your location to help ensure that you and your team have what you need to keep your store running smoothly. Best of all, you can rely on our marketing expertise to help you develop unique and targeted campaigns to reach potential customers in your community. This level of support sets Pinkberry apart from other frozen yogurt franchises and has established us as a standout among low-cost franchise options.

Flexible Store Formats

We want your Pinkberry store to be unique and cater to your specific community demographics. That’s why we’ve designed store formats to be flexible, allowing franchisees the opportunity to run a business that’s unique. We don’t want our brand to be known for one-size-fits-all locations so we help our franchisees to keep things fresh through unique interior design and marketing approaches. This allows our franchisees to open Pinkberry stores in malls, airports, stand-alone shops, and on college campuses. If you can open a business there, we’ll have just the right store format to fit the bill. Our flexible requirements help franchisees to take advantage of business opportunities in many different sectors, making Pinkberry a great low-cost franchise investment.

These are just a few of the ways that Pinkberry stands out among frozen yogurt franchises. To learn more about this exciting low-cost franchise opportunity, contact us today.