Few brands boast the same level of loyalty as Pinkberry®. We have some of the most amazing and passionate guests around, and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve helped spread the word over the years.

We’ve worked hard to develop that customer base and to create the product and experience that our guests crave. When you become a Pinkberry franchisee, you get in on the passion of our fantastic fans who are eager to buy Pinkberry products and enthusiastic about telling their friends.

Name Recognition

Since our creation in 2005, Pinkberry has become synonymous with delicious, tart frozen yogurt. Our top-quality branding has made us a household name and the go-to product for anyone craving a cold treat.

Our franchisees benefit from that industry-leading name recognition by taking advantage of our powerful marketing, getting the name front and center in the minds of consumers. No other brand in the industry has achieved the recognition of Pinkberry, and no other brand can compete with the impression we leave on our passionate fans. That name recognition is one of the top reasons to franchise with Pinkberry, and it allows you to benefit from more than just traditional marketing.

The Social Factor

Pinkberry is exceptionally Instagrammable. Between celebrities getting caught with a cup, influencers posting their creations, and fans reminding friends of their favorite flavors, the Pinkberry presence is ever-expanding.

Our fans do more than just buy our product – though they do plenty of that too. They tell their friends and represent the brand everywhere they go. Talking about how amazing their experience was and how much they enjoyed their dessert makes fans feel connected to the brand, and it inspires them to return again and again.

Recurring Guests

The same factors that go into getting customers through the door the first time are what keep them coming back. Our high-quality product, our commitment to the best hospitality in the industry, and our exceptionally accessible name all build loyalty among our guests that can’t be beat.

We started the tart frozen yogurt craze and we still do it best. Our fans know that when they come to Pinkberry they’re going to walk away with the finest froyo they’ve ever had – whether it’s their first cup or their 50th.

Genuine Hospitality

We’re completely focused on hospitality. Guests know that their Pinkberry frozen yogurt will be prepared perfectly every time, with the signature swirl, and delivered with two hands and a smile.

That commitment adds to the passion our fans feel for the brand because, instead of serving themselves, they’re connecting with real people who make them feel welcome and appreciated. The more hospitality your Pinkberry delivers, the more passion and loyalty your guests will feel.

Spanning Demographics

Some guests want the name they’ve known for years. Some are just hearing about Pinkberry and are already excited for the experience. Passion for Pinkberry can spread across age groups and demographics, creating loyal customers in any market.

Everyone can enjoy delicious, tart frozen treats and everyone can build their own passion for a brand like Pinkberry. All they need is the opportunity to experience the difference for themselves.

We have opportunities available now to get you engaging with the passionate Pinkberry community and gaining new followers of your own. When you’re ready to benefit from our passionate fanbase, contact us to learn more about franchising with Pinkberry.