Pinkberry® is ready to grow. Our frozen yogurt is as delicious and tart as ever, and there are even more factors that have primed us for growth. Thanks to our spot in the frozen yogurt industry, our second-to-none brand recognition, our marketing efforts and our open markets nationwide, Pinkberry has never been more excited to expand.

The Frozen Yogurt Industry as a Whole is Growing

Frozen yogurt is the perfect treat for those looking to satisfy a craving, while being calorie- and health-conscious, and that translates to industry growth. In fact, the frozen yogurt market in the United States is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 11.57% through 2021. This means that Pinkberry franchisees can benefit from being in a market that is expanding nationwide by bringing our delicious, tart frozen yogurt to communities across the country.

We Have the Brand Recognition Required for Growth

From our beginnings in Los Angeles nearly 15 years ago, we’ve cultivated a brand that is well-known coast to coast. Along with our delicious, tart frozen yogurt, Pinkberry is known for a modern atmosphere that customers are drawn back to again and again. Be it a large, coastal city or a smaller, suburban town, everyone knows Pinkberry.

Because we are known just about everywhere, our brand recognition serves as an opportunity for Pinkberry growth. Whether it was on vacation, at an airport or via social media, thousands of people have discovered Pinkberry, even if there’s no location in their home town. These long-distance fans are just waiting for a Pinkberry franchisee like you to open up a store in their area.

Our Marketing Efforts Get Results

By placing a special focus on our marketing efforts, Pinkberry is primed to grow. In addition to carefully crafting the overall Pinkberry brand for the nearly 15 years, we make sure our Pinkberry franchisees have the tools to reach new customers in their own areas.

In addition to having access to local store marketing toolkits, franchisees gain valuable experience in brand marketing during their Kahala Brands Training and Education Center (KTEC) classroom training. We support our franchisees’ local marketing efforts with national marketing plans and nationally-coordinated store management. Pinkberry’s effective marketing allows us to reach even more frozen yogurt lovers, giving us all the more reason to bring our signature service, taste and quality to their communities.

Markets Are Open Nationwide

While we have more than 90 stores nationwide, there’s ample room for Pinkberry to grow. We’re looking for franchisees across the United States who are dedicated to our franchise values: uncompromising quality, customer delight, entrepreneurial spirit, emotional connections, team member excellence and responsible growth. If that sounds like you, then you might be the perfect person to bring the signature Pinkberry swirl to your market.

Our frozen yogurt industry is growing, our brand recognition is the best in the business, our marketing efforts communicate with new customers and we have markets available across the country. Pinkberry has never been more primed for growth. If you’re excited to be a part of it, get in contact with us today.