If you’re a Millennial who’s looking to own a business, you probably know how to spot an opportunity and how to take advantage of an ongoing trend. Both of those qualities come in handy when franchising, especially with a company like Pinkberry®.

Franchises in general tend to provide more stability than startups. The proven system helps you stay on track and keep some of the unexpected costs from creeping in. But not all franchises give the same level of satisfaction. When you’re considering which franchise to jump into, think about what makes each opportunity great for franchisees, and for Millennial franchisees in particular.

Break Out of the Corporate Shell

Being your own boss is super attractive. That’s true regardless of your generation. But for Millennials, it means more than just setting your own schedule or printing business cards that say “owner.” It means building something important for your future. We understand the need for both freedom and responsibility.

Launching in Los Angeles in 2005, we had to carve out our own name in a competitive market. We worked hard to become the hottest brand in frozen yogurt, consistently delivering outstanding hospitality and a high-quality product that’s still unmatched.

Now that we’ve created something so iconic, we want to help you achieve your own level of business and personal satisfaction. With your own Pinkberry franchise, you can turn the grind into a swirl, creating something you can be proud of and that could benefit you for years to come.

Lean on Proven Backing

Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re alone. That’s one of the biggest benefits to a franchise system. And that’s huge for Millennial franchisees who aren’t ready to risk their future on a startup, or on a franchise that doesn’t have top-quality support.

Pinkberry is backed by Kahala Brands, an industry-leading name in quick-service restaurant franchises. For Millennial franchisees, that means, from the moment you’re awarded your Pinkberry franchise, you’ll receive unmatched training to get you on track and ongoing support to help keep you there.

Celebrate Your Craving

Of course, Millennial franchisees care about more than just a great investment. You want a product that you can believe in. You know how to research and compare brands, and you know why quality matters to consumers who are more discerning with their purchases.

Since the beginning, we at Pinkberry have prided ourselves on crafting the best frozen yogurt possible, pioneering the tart froyo craze, and always delivering the freshest ingredients. Our frozen yogurt is a healthier – and tastier – choice, and that commitment makes a difference. It’s helped spark the profound passion that our fans, and franchisees, have for the brand.

When you’re a Pinkberry franchisee, you get to serve one of the finest products in the frozen dessert industry, one that you can be proud of. And you get to serve it with a smile.

Deliver High-Quality Hospitality

Millennials know all too well how important hospitality is when it comes to business. You grew up checking online reviews before heading to restaurants and being keenly aware of how service professionals are treated. At Pinkberry, hospitality is crucial to our business model and to the company values we honor.

We’re there to serve our customers, scooping toppings with a smile, handing guests their treats with two hands, and expressing gratitude throughout the entire experience. Millennial franchisees who choose Pinkberry can put to good use their willingness to treat everyone with respect and retain customers through outstanding service.

Millennials are ready to take the reins of many industries, bringing new energy and a hospitality mindset to every business. Pinkberry can be an amazing opportunity for Millennial franchisees who want support, the finest product in the business, and a chance to put their passion to work.