It’s easy to think that a frozen yogurt franchise will do best in one particular market over another. People sometimes associate frozen yogurt, and Pinkberry® especially, with a cool California afternoon, cruising down the beach. While that’s definitely a great way to enjoy our delicious, tart frozen yogurt, it’s hardly the only image that should come to mind when you think of Pinkberry.

A Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise can work just as well in a small town in the Midwest as it can in a West Coast city. And one of the best things about the Pinkberry model is that, no matter where you are in the country, you can find fans of the brand, and of frozen yogurt in general.

Everyone Loves Froyo

There’s no one demographic that has to define the typical Pinkberry customer. While there are some commonalities, a frozen yogurt franchise can find fans among any group of people who enjoy sweet, frozen treats — and who know quality when they taste it.

The quality of the product is one of the distinguishing features that sets Pinkberry apart. We use real, fresh fruit and other high-quality ingredients, and our frozen yogurt comes in a variety of unique flavors, ensuring everyone gets the exact product they crave.

Like the quality of our product, the quality of our customer service puts Pinkberry in a class by itself. While many frozen yogurt franchise models choose to rely on self-serve methods, Pinkberry sticks with trained employees who serve up our frozen yogurt with the signature Pinkberry swirl, scoop toppings by hand, then deliver the cup to the customer with two hands and a smile. Wherever you are, that personal touch and commitment to customer service gets you noticed.

What About the Cold-Weather States?

Do people really want a frozen dessert when it’s below zero outside? The real question is, why wouldn’t they? A delicious treat is a delicious treat, and we’ve seen firsthand how people in cold climates can enjoy a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise just as much as those in warmer areas.

It’s not unusual to see someone strolling down the sidewalk in winter, enjoying the tart frozen yogurt they just got from one of our New York City locations. Pinkberry customers are a dedicated crowd and they won’t let a little weather come between them and their favorite frozen yogurt brand. And, of course, even the coldest climates have warmer summers, perfect for seasonal sales.

But, if you do want to ensure that people have a warm place to eat their dessert, many franchisees find locations inside shopping malls and other non-traditional locations to be beneficial. With foot traffic and space for seating, these venues can make great locations for a frozen yogurt franchise in any market.

The Associated Costs

Some markets make sense for a frozen yogurt franchise from a product standpoint. But don’t forget that this is also a business, and the market you choose can have an impact on the costs associated with maintaining the business.

Certain states have higher average rent prices and other costs that should be taken into account when choosing to open any business. Similarly, markets with lower rents and costs can be outstanding locations to open a new frozen yogurt franchise, taking advantage of the lower cost of operation.

Just because Pinkberry was founded in California doesn’t mean it’s exclusively a California brand. Whatever part of the country you live in, you’ll find fans of delicious, tart frozen yogurt who are primed to become Pinkberry customers. Sometimes, all they’re waiting for is someone like you to open a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise near them.