The frozen yogurt industry is about so much more than just selling a delicious, frozen treat ­– at least we think it should be. That’s why, at Pinkberry®, we put extra effort into creating the one-of-a-kind experience that reminds our guests just how different Pinkberry is from the self-serve competition. And when you become a Pinkberry franchisee, you get to join us in the exciting business of selling the Pinkberry experience.

From the iconic décor, to the bright atmosphere, to enthusiastic employees helping out from flavor selection to the first spoonful, guests come to Pinkberry for the hospitality only we deliver. When you master the art of the experience, your Pinkberry can become something truly special.

Hospitality Sets Us Apart

Customers today want more for their money. They want to know who’s serving them and they want a personal connection with a brand. It’s not enough to have the best product on the market – although we do that too – you have to deliver that product in a way that shows consumers you care.

One of the biggest reasons guests choose Pinkberry is the fact that we take special care to make them feel welcome, greeting them with a smile and serving them with gratitude. We hand them their cup with two hands to show them that we care about delivering the best service possible. Everything that we do is built around that level of hospitality.

We’ll Teach You How to Deliver Excellence

In order to always deliver the ultimate satisfaction that’s become a part of the Pinkberry model, we give you the best tools and training in the industry. We immerse you in the idea of hospitality throughout the entire training process.

Your training includes a trip to the Kahala Training and Education Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. This comprehensive program will teach you about business practices and operational systems, while allowing you to get to know franchisees from other Kahala brands.

From there you’ll spend 80 hours in an operational Pinkberry shop, seeing firsthand how we create the experience that keeps guests coming back. You’ll learn how to greet guests, making them feel right at home; prepare their orders, so they get exactly what they want; and deliver their delicious treat, completing the process of satisfying another guest.

Pinkberry has been known for our amazing hospitality since our creation in 2005. Now, as a part of Kahala Brands, an industry leader in the quick service restaurant segment, we’ve been able to put even more energy into our hospitality, finding even more guests and cementing ourselves as THE name in the froyo game.

When you’re ready to bring some Pinkberry satisfaction to your market, contact us to find out about franchising with the best experience in the business.