When you become a Pinkberry® franchisee, you get to join our larger Pinkberry community. That means joining a group of fantastic franchisees who are dedicated to our values, connected to our parent company Kahala Brands™ and passionate about our delicious, tart frozen yogurt.

Pinkberry Values

A crucial aspect of being part of the Pinkberry community is being dedicated to our values. We expect each of our franchisees to believe in uncompromising quality, guest delight, entrepreneurial spirit, emotional connections, team member excellence and responsible growth.

We also expect you to exhibit each value in your store, setting a good example for your staff and providing outstanding service to each and every guest. By living the Pinkberry values, you are supporting every other member of the Pinkberry community and ensuring that your guests always have the ideal experience at your Pinkberry.

Connection to Kahala BrandsTM

When you’re a part of the Pinkberry community, you’re also a part of Kahala Brands, a leader in quick-serve restaurant franchising. Not only will you receive comprehensive training to get your franchise started on the right foot, but Kahala Brands will continue to be a powerful resource throughout your franchise journey.

With 28 quick-serve restaurant brands and decades of franchising experience, Kahala Brands has the expertise to support any franchisee. The Kahala Brands mission is “to create great experiences that make people want more.” And they provide Pinkberry franchisees with the resources to do just that.

Passion for the Product

It’s pretty simple: Pinkberry franchisees love our delicious, tart frozen yogurt. Starting with the first time you were served your sweet treat with two hands and a smile, you fell in love with our groundbreaking yogurt and our signature swirl. Being a part of the Pinkberry community means you get to share your love of Pinkberry with your guests, your community and your fellow franchisees. We’re all united by that Pinkberry passion!

A Strong Community

The Pinkberry community is dedicated to our values, connected to the power of Kahala Brands and joined together by a true passion for Pinkberry. Those strong community ties create a wealth of benefits for our franchisees.

The Pinkberry community will be a source of support for you as a franchisee. The support will come from the Pinkberry corporate team, the Kahala Brands franchise team, your fellow franchisees and, of course, the Pinkberry guests who will be pivotal to the success of your frozen yogurt business.

Now you have the chance to join this driven and supportive community. We are looking for franchisees like you who love our delicious, tart frozen yogurt and want to share it with your local market. If you are ready to become a part of the Pinkberry community, reach out to get more information about the Pinkberry franchise opportunity.