Becoming a businessowner can seem intimidating, but PinkberryÆ, along with our parent company Kahala Brands has made the process of becoming a Pinkberry franchisee as simple as possible thanks to our perfected operations and support. Plus, it’s easy to be a part of the Pinkberry team with a product as incredible as our delicious, tart frozen yogurt.

Franchise Process

We make it as easy as possible for potential franchisees to take their journey to franchise ownership. The entire process starts simply: reaching out for more information. After that, we will call you to discuss your goals, experience and your passion for Pinkberry. Then, we’ll give you our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document to review.

Once you learn all about this opportunity and get all of your questions answered, you will be ready to review and sign the Franchise Agreement, the document that officially makes you a Pinkberry franchisee.

Easy-to-Operate Business Model

Since 2005, we have worked to perfect our operations. And now, they are streamlined and easy to replicate in stores around the country. We make it as simple as possible to run a quick service restaurant. You and your staff won’t have to learn complicated recipes, instead your team will focus on the top-notch hospitality that makes Pinkberry stand out by serving up each cup of delicious, tart frozen yogurt with two hands and a smile.

Support From Pinkberry and Kahala Brands

Both Pinkberry and Kahala Brands will provide you with all of the support you need to be eased into franchise ownership. Kahala Brands is made up of 29 different brands that are all in the quick service restaurant industry. So, Kahala Brands has the expertise to address any operational concerns you might have or marketing challenges you might experience. You have our support every step of the way. It starts with training at our headquarters and includes some hands-on, in-store practice that will prepare you to run your own Pinkberry store.

Incredible Product

The best part about franchising with Pinkberry is, well, Pinkberry! Our delicious, tart frozen yogurt is an incredible product that has thousands of fans worldwide. Our franchisees are passionate about not only the Pinkberry brand, but also the product itself. Starting a business that already has fans that bring joy to our stores makes it so easy to get excited about bringing Pinkberry to your community. Pinkberry makes people happy. It’s that simple. When you franchise with us, you get to be responsible for some of those smiles.

Are you ready to start the process of becoming a Pinkberry franchisee? We’ve made it as simple as possible and we’ve perfected our streamlined business model. Along with the support of Pinkberry and Kahala Brands, you will be able to bring an incredible product to your own community. Start the franchising process today by reaching out for more information.