There is no other Pinkberry®. In fact, we’re known as the Original Tart Frozen Yogurt that launched our healthy, delicious treat into the zeitgeist. And we’re still here! Our brand’s staying power, our signature product and our simple model all make Pinkberry an industry original.

The Strength of the Pinkberry Brand

Pinkberry started in 2005 as a 600 sq. ft. shop in Los Angeles. Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 100 stores, serving up our tart frozen yogurt on both coasts and everywhere in between. In countries as far as India and Peru, the Original Tart Frozen Yogurt is being dished up to loyal customers with two hands and a smile. Our brand is stronger than ever, and we are looking for owners to bring a Pinkberry to their town or city.

Pinkberry is a brand with staying power. Since the beginning, we’ve been a well-known accessory to the stars. And now, thanks to social media, when celebs like Mindy Kaling and Oprah make a Pinkberry run, millions of their followers are reminded of the tart, swirly goodness of Pinkberry frozen yogurt – which has them ready to run to their closest Pinkberry location.

Our Signature Product is Completely Craveable

We’re known for reigniting the frozen yogurt industry. And it’s all thanks to our signature, delicious, tart frozen yogurt. Our product is truly unlike any other and that’s what keeps people craving Pinkberry.

Pinkberry’s level of quality starts at the beginning of our yogurt-making process. We start with real milk and real yogurt that is blended together in each store, each morning. Quality yogurt makes all the difference. And it really shines when topped with hand-cut fruit, chocolate and candy, or any combination of craveable toppings.

The care we take in crafting our flavors, making our products and even being sure to serve each customer with two hands and a smile, truly makes Pinkberry a stand out in the frozen yogurt industry – and it keeps Pinkberry fans flocking to their local franchise locations.

Our Model is Simple and Proven

The Pinkberry model is simple, even for franchisees without any food service experience. We know what we do, and we do it well. Pinkberry prepares each of our franchisees for ownership. In fact, the Pinkberry system has been designed to be easy to learn and implement.

Pinkberry (along with our parent company Kahala Brands) has the tools and resources to assist with supply chains, mixing and serving frozen yogurt and our commitment to customer service. Plus, we’re flexible; a Pinkberry franchise can fit almost anywhere.

The Pinkberry brand has staying power, our delicious, tart frozen yogurt is irresistible and our model is both simple and proven. These all combine to make Pinkberry an industry stand-out. If it sounds like the right franchise opportunity for you, reach out for more information about owning your own Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise.