When you’re looking for a new frozen yogurt franchise opportunity, you may wonder where you can place your new business and how well the franchise footprint will fit into your desired location. Some franchise systems can make the real estate process complicated, forcing you to limit your options or look in specific areas for a spot that fits.

At Pinkberry®, we feel that your location should be wherever the people are, and wherever they’re going to enjoy a delicious frozen yogurt franchise the most. That’s why we’ve designed our Pinkberry franchise model to fit almost anywhere, letting you bring the tartness to the people.

The Size That’s Right for You

Many factors can contribute to deciding upon the right size for your frozen yogurt franchise. You’ll likely consider the estimated traffic flow of the area as well as the demographics.

If your desired area can accommodate a larger footprint, complete with ample seating and room for a nice, long line, then a larger space may be worthwhile. This will give customers plenty of room to enjoy their treats, chat with friends, and turn your Pinkberry into a chill spot for meeting up and enjoying the day.

There are also many potential benefits to a smaller size. Urban areas where square footage is at a premium can be prime locations for grab-and-go models like Pinkberry. And the lower cost of entry for a smaller shop can be attractive, getting you into your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise quicker and easier.

The Perfect Spot

In addition to the physical size of your location, choosing the optimal setting for your frozen yogurt franchise can make a huge difference. Thankfully, the Pinkberry model is perfect for a wide variety of locales.

Some franchisees find it helpful to build a kiosk in an indoor shopping mall. The foot traffic provides a steady stream of customers and the fact that they’re already spending money can encourage them to spend more on a sweet treat. Others prefer business districts or near entertainment venues, places where traditional shops can thrive.

Whether choosing a walk-in shop, kiosk, or another non-traditional model, having the option to tailor the Pinkberry footprint to your chosen area can open up new opportunities for your frozen yogurt franchise.

The Flexible Design

Other models in the quick service restaurant industry, even those that sell frozen yogurt or ice cream, have stern requirements when it comes to the physical space of the establishment. Seating, lighting, counter placement, and more are strictly controlled. Pinkberry takes a more flexible approach.

We can design a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise for just about anywhere, in a range of square footages, even working around existing infrastructure. A Pinkberry could fit in a mall kiosk, or a storefront, or in an existing space that has atypical dimensions, all while maintaining the bright atmosphere and pleasing aesthetics that make Pinkberry so recognizable.

That flexibility allows Pinkberry locations to fit not just into unique spaces, but into unique communities by ensuring that the Pinkberry experience isn’t just about delicious, tart frozen yogurt, it’s about friendly customer service in an exciting, modern atmosphere.

The Support of Kahala Brands

While the ultimate choice of real estate lies with the franchisee, Pinkberry, and our parent company Kahala Brands, provide extensive support throughout the process. We’re there with you as you choose your location and as you build out your very own frozen yogurt franchise.

Our process is streamlined to provide design and construction operations support so that your new Pinkberry will be seamlessly set into your location like it was meant to be there. We’ll help ensure that you gain the sleek Pinkberry aesthetic so you can deliver the signature Pinkberry customer service experience.

As you search for the ideal location for your Pinkberry, keep that flexibility in mind. You may have found a great spot that other franchise models couldn’t make work. With Pinkberry, you can turn nearly any space into a functioning frozen yogurt franchise.