Just because you’ve never owned a business doesn’t mean you won’t make a great first-time franchisee. Maybe you’ve just been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Pinkberry® has franchises available for almost any potential business owner who shares our passion and work ethic. And they’re some of the best franchises in the quick service restaurant industry for first-time franchisees. Here’s what makes Pinkberry special:

We Have Brand Recognition

Even if you’ve never had a bite of our delicious, tart frozen yogurt, you probably know the Pinkberry name. We’ve worked hard to build that brand recognition through nearly 20 years of careful branding operations. From our earliest days in California, to spreading from coast to coast, the Pinkberry name has spooned out its place in the minds of anyone contemplating a much-deserved treat.

That name recognition helps first-time franchisees by simplifying marketing efforts and bringing customers in the door thanks to the confidence they have in the brand. When you buy a Pinkberry franchise, you’re buying into a loyal fanbase who choose Pinkberry time and again — and tell their friends.

We Have a Fun Product

If you’re new to franchising, and business in general, you want a product that you know is going to be exciting — or at least one that isn’t going to get boring after the first year. Frozen yogurt, especially the way Pinkberry does it, is a pretty fun product to sell.

Everything from our fresh fruit to our crisp, modern décor creates an atmosphere of joy around Pinkberry that customers gravitate toward. It may not sound as important as some other criteria on your list, but running a business you genuinely enjoy can make a huge difference in how much you look forward to going to “work” every day.

In addition to the joy that comes from dishing out sweet treats, we’re constantly adding new flavors to keep customers and employees excited. Franchising with Pinkberry means always having something delicious to look forward to.

We Have a Simple Business Model

A quick service restaurant can be an intimidating prospect to some first-time franchisees. Being responsible for food service regulations and the satisfaction of a rapid succession of customers may seem daunting. But unlike some other models, Pinkberry’s streamlined system and concise menu make running your franchise an easy operation to master.

Our model is designed to make setup and continued operation a breeze, with no complicated recipes or equipment to learn. You and your employees will get to prepare fresh ingredients, provide amazing customer service, and perfect that signature Pinkberry swirl.

We Provide Extensive Support

One of the biggest concerns of first-time franchisees is the support they’ll receive. Support is one of the key benefits to choosing a franchise over a startup. Finding a franchise opportunity with the right amount of support can make a huge difference for your future with a company.

At Pinkberry, we believe in supporting our franchisees in all that they do. So, in addition to the initial training at our Scottsdale, Arizona, headquarters, as well as in-store training at an operational location, we provide ongoing support in marketing, operations and more.

Each of our franchisees gains access to a dedicated support team to help them through any hardships that might arise. That support is backed by the expertise of our parent company, Kahala Brands, who’s made up of 25 different brands in the quick service restaurant industry.

Whether you’re just starting to research franchise opportunities or you’ve got a shortlist that you’re trying to select from, consider what you’ll get from your franchisor, how much joy the product brings, and how strong the brand recognition is within your market. All these aspects make Pinkberry a great opportunity for first-time franchisees.