Any prospective franchisee has to decide if they want to focus on industries with which they’re familiar or if they want to branch out into new opportunities – such as a frozen yogurt franchise. While there are pros to staying within a select field, you should know that opening a Pinkberry® franchise doesn’t require a food service background. In fact, people with almost any business background can benefit from a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise.

Customer Service is Universal

Anyone who’s worked in customer service, as a business owner or an employee, knows the importance of customer satisfaction. Every interaction with a customer matters, and they all contribute to the experience of the brand.

At Pinkberry, we pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service every single time. That begins with greeting the customer and explaining our flavors, and it lasts even after we’ve given them their order with two hands and a smile. Since we don’t rely on the self-service model that other frozen yogurt franchises depend on, our outstanding customer service keeps us fresh in the minds of our passionate fans.

We also provide full training in the Pinkberry method of ultimate satisfaction. During our comprehensive training, both at our Kahala Brands headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and in an active store, we’ll show you exactly how to delight every customer and ensure that they have an outstanding trip to Pinkberry.

That training will also reinforce the idea that, at our core, Pinkberry is a customer service brand. Our customers love us for our commitment to their satisfaction, and they’re willing to choose us over other brands.

Regardless of your background, customer service is likely something you’ve experienced in your work history. Whether that’s in retail sales or even certain entertainment industries, you can build on that experience to determine how well you’ll do in a frozen yogurt franchise.

The Model is Simple

If you’re not used to working in food service, some aspects of the industry, like cleaning and food prep procedures, may be new. Thankfully, Pinkberry’s proven system is designed to be easy to learn and simple to implement.

We’ve perfected that system so that our franchisees can learn to mix flavors and prepare toppings even if they aren’t familiar with food service standards. We also provide supply-chain assistance and program training.

For business owners who aren’t used to the physical spaces of quick service restaurants, or who aren’t used to having a brick and mortar location at all, we have an exceptionally flexible footprint that allows your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise to fit almost anywhere.

A Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise is an easy way to gain the brand recognition of Pinkberry as well as the ongoing customer base of a quick service restaurant. By mastering the training we provide, in the model that we’ve perfected, you can translate almost any business experience to the Pinkberry system.

Passion is What Counts

Many industries talk about passion. But for Pinkberry, passion is at the core of what we do. Our fans have passion for our brand, and they show it by coming back, sharing with their friends, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Our franchisees need that passion as well.

You can learn the system. We can teach you how to scoop toppings and achieve that signature Pinkberry swirl. Most aspects of the quick service restaurant industry can be taught. But no matter your background, what you need to bring is that passion for the Pinkberry brand and for putting in the hard work necessary to deliver ultimate satisfaction to every customer with your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise.