Potential franchisees, when considering a quick service restaurant franchise, often wonder how well they’ll be supported. It’s understandable. Even if you have a ton of business experience, you still need to know how a particular brand operates in order to be successful within its industry. And even if you eat a ton of frozen yogurt, you still need a franchisor who will help you learn how to operate the other side of the counter.

At Pinkberry®, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding support to each of our franchisees, at every step of franchise development. We do that because we’ve built our brand on delivering a great product with amazing customer service. What better way to ensure our franchisees provide the best experience to customers than by providing the best experience to our franchisees?

To show you how we do that, let’s look at the support provided by Pinkberry and our parent company, Kahala Brands, throughout the franchise process:

As Soon as You’re Awarded Your Franchise

From the moment you become a Pinkberry franchisee, you’re immersed in the Pinkberry brand and how we deliver on our core values. Our training includes five days at the Kahala Brands headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as 80 hours of in-store instruction where you learn to manage a location and inspire your crew. And you’ll probably get to sample some flavors while you’re there.

In addition to that training, we provide support for location scouting, design, and construction to take your franchise from concept to fully operational shop. We also help train your incoming staff so you’re ready for your first day.

Once You’re Open

By the time your first customer is happily snacking on their pomegranate with gummy bears, you’ll be prepared for every part of the day-to-day operations of your franchise. From there, you can focus on finding tomorrow’s customers.

The Pinkberry brand has exceptional name recognition in the quick service restaurant franchise industry. Combined with our ongoing marketing, creative services, and public relations support, that name recognition creates an exciting opportunity to develop a dedicated customer base.

As Long as You’re with Us

You’ll have questions down the line. We don’t expect anyone to have it all figured out right away. That’s why we provide ongoing support with team members ready and able to answer your questions and focus on solutions. That support team is backed by the expertise of our parent company, Kahala Brands.

Kahala Brands Has You Covered

Some franchise opportunities may look attractive but are backed by nothing more than a shiny exterior and a footing that falls out when the market shifts. As a part of Kahala Brands, you can believe that Pinkberry is here to stay.

Kahala encompasses 28 brands of quick service restaurant franchises, each with the ongoing support necessary to ensure that every franchisee is well-prepared to start, run, and grow their business.

As a part of Kahala Brands, we’re able to provide marketing, public relations, supply chain and purchasing, design and construction, and much more support to our franchisees that companies without that backing can’t match. You get all the benefits of a seasoned backer with the brand recognition and stand-out footprint of Pinkberry.

We know how important support is to any potential franchisee, especially in the quick service restaurant franchise industry. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the support of Kahala Brands, and we know that no other name in frozen yogurt can match the support we’ve built together.

So, when you’re selecting your new franchise opportunity, consider the support you’ll receive, and whether that support comes with the backing of a proven name in the quick service restaurant franchise industry.