When you go to a Pinkberry® frozen yogurt franchise, you get more than a delicious cup of tart frozen yogurt. And, no, we’re not just talking about our tasty toppings.

You get the consumer end of a carefully crafted experience that delights you, excites you, and keeps you coming back. A critical part of the Pinkberry model is our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations with every interaction. That commitment flows directly from the passion within our employees and our franchisees.

Our franchisees come to us with a passion for our product, our brand, and our ability to do more with the frozen yogurt franchise space than our competitors. Our training and support system give that passion a direction. Together we create the Pinkberry experience.

Why Passion Matters

Many frozen yogurt franchises rely on the self-serve model to cut down on employees and save on costs, letting customers serve themselves then weighing the final product to decide on price. While cutting corners may be a route that others choose to go down, it’s not the Pinkberry way.

Pinkberry locations have staff trained to provide outstanding customer service and deliver a top-quality product. Every aspect of the experience, from being told about our extensive list of flavors, to seeing that signature Pinkberry swirl, to being handed the final product with two hands and a smile, is built upon the idea that passion sets us apart. We’re not waiting for customers at the end of the line with a scale and a cup full of spoons. We’re with them throughout the journey.

Combined with our commitment to using the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, it’s clear that passion plays a huge role in the operation of every Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise. Passion drives the desire to create a clean, modern space as well as the willingness to make every Pinkberry trip memorable.

How do we Define Passion?

We know it can be hard to nail down exactly what passion entails, other than enjoying the product and wanting to dive right in after posting to Instagram. But it’s important to understand that, for us, passion isn’t just some buzzword we throw around haphazardly. It’s a part of our core values that we believe makes us stand out in the industry and we know makes for a better experience for customers and franchisees alike.

We’ve built our brand, and our franchise system, on these values. They shape how we do business and they’re a big part of why we have such passionate and loyal fans. Understanding these values, and living them as a core part of your Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise, will help you keep customers engaged with your location and the overall brand.

  • Uncompromising quality in everything that we do, from products to customer service.
  • Emotional connections that foster meaningful relationships around the brand.
  • Customer delight must be a focus as we serve with humility and gratitude.
  • Team member excellence is essential to the brand’s future and customer satisfaction.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit drives us to act with courage and innovation.
  • Profit and responsible growth act as our driving forces.

We hope you’ve already got a passion for our product. Now it’s time to find that passion for the way we do business and how we drive the experience of Pinkberry at each of our frozen yogurt franchises.