Pinkberry® is synonymous with delicious, tart frozen yogurt. Our brand has been one of the strongest in the frozen yogurt industry for nearly 15 years, due to our history, both national and local marketing efforts, our fans and our franchisees.

Our History

It seems impossible to imagine a world without Pinkberry, but that reality wasn’t so long ago. Pinkberry popped onto the frozen yogurt scene in 2005, with a small shop in Los Angeles, CA. Our original store embodied many of the elements that Pinkberry is still known for today. Our sleek, modern design and our original tart frozen yogurt have been around since the very beginning. Our commitment to hospitality and freshness have also been the building blocks to our success.

We’ve been carefully building our brand for nearly 15 years, crafting something so recognizable that people who have never even had a bite of our delicious, tart frozen yogurt know of Pinkberry.

Our Marketing

The level of brand recognition that we’ve reached wouldn’t be possible without concentrated marketing efforts. All Pinkberry franchisees are trained on the marketing tools they need, to get in front of the members of their community. Pinkberry supports local marketing efforts with nationwide marketing plans in addition to nationally-coordinated store management.

Our brand’s strong history and extensive marketing efforts help franchisees by getting customers in the door of a brand they already know, trust and love. When you become a Pinkberry franchisee, you are part of a brand with history and staying power.

Our Fans

The engagement of our loyal Pinkberry fans has led to increased name recognition, which, in turn, led to even more loyal fans. What a great cycle! Since our early days, famous fans of Pinkberry helped us expand from the West Coast to communities across the country – and even across the globe! We’ve been pictured in the hands of singers, musicians and actors in national publications, and as the world has gotten more digital, we’ve been on the Instagram feeds of millions.

All of our fans – celebrity or not – have helped Pinkberry’s name recognition grow. In addition to choosing Pinkberry again and again, our fans and customers refer their friends, bringing in even more customers to spread the word about our swirly goodness.

Our Franchisees

Pinkberry could not have grown to nearly 100 stores worldwide without our amazing franchisees. While they focus on growing their Pinkberry franchise in their individual communities, they are also a part of expanding the name recognition of the Pinkberry brand.

Franchisees learn valuable brand marketing skills during their initial training at the Kahala Training Education Center. When our franchisees market to their own communities, they are building Pinkberry’s name recognition.

The combined branding power of Pinkberry’s history, our loyal customer fanbase and our network of franchisees are all leading causes of Pinkberry’s top name recognition. If you are ready to join a franchise with strong brand recognition, request more information about the Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise opportunity.