If you’ve been considering the Pinkberry® franchise opportunity, now could be the right time for you to start your business. Our position in the frozen yogurt industry is strong, Pinkberry franchisees have access to and support from franchising bigwig Kahala Brands and we’re primed for growth that you could be a part of.

We Continue to Be Well-Positioned in the Frozen Yogurt Industry

“Pinkberry” is synonymous with the delicious, tart frozen yogurt that’s taken the entire world by storm. Other frozen yogurt franchises just can’t match our level of brand recognition. Simply put, we’re one of the best frozen yogurt franchises available today.

The Best Brand Recognition in the Industry

Pinkberry burst onto the frozen market scene in 2005 and, for nearly 15 years, we have been one of the biggest names in frozen yogurt. In fact, we are known as the Original Tart Frozen Yogurt.

In addition to our signature taste, Pinkberry fans know us as the celebrity frozen yogurt. Our signature pink-and-green cups have been pictured in the hands of pop princesses, band bad boys, industry ingenues and many stars-on-the-rise. Years of expert branding and positioning means that even if there’s not a Pinkberry in your community (yet!), customers and potential customers are well aware of what makes Pinkberry stand out in the frozen yogurt industry. You could have a strong customer base before your Pinkberry store even opens its doors.

You’ll Be a Part of Kahala Brands

Pinkberry is a part of Kahala brands, meaning that our franchisees can rely on the support of both Pinkberry experts and franchising experts as they build and grow their businesses. This double-whammy of support is one reason we’re one of the best franchises for first-timers.

Kahala is made up of 28 unique quick-service-restaurant franchises. And they’re all backed by Kahala’s franchising expertise. Each Pinkberry franchisee gets support from Kahala in the form of marketing, public relations, design and construction and purchasing assistance. The backing Kahala provides to all of our franchisees can’t be matched.

Support means everything when it comes to investing in a franchise system. Our franchisees are bolstered by the support of a proven industry expert by becoming a part of Kahala Brands.

You’ll Be Investing in a Frozen Yogurt Franchise That’s Ready to Grow

The Pinkberry brand is primed for growth – and you could be a part of it. Overall, the frozen yogurt industry is growing and, thanks to our powerful brand recognition, Pinkberry has the opportunity to capitalize on an industry that is predicted to grow by 11.57% compound annual growth rate through 2021 in the United States.

In addition to being a part of booming industry, Pinkberry itself is ready to grow. Our strong brand recognition means that there are Pinkberry fans everywhere – even in our open markets. Whether your potential customers had their first taste of our delicious, tart frozen yogurt while traveling or they’ve seen our tasty treat in the hands of their favorite celeb on Instagram, they are just waiting for you to bring a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise to one of our open markets.

Pinkberry continues to have a strong position in the frozen yogurt industry, Pinkberry support is reinforced by Kahala Brands and we’re primed for growth nationwide. If you are ready to bring our signature, tart frozen yogurt to your community, please reach out.