As you consider the PinkberryÆ frozen yogurt franchise opportunity, you are likely wondering how you can depend on guests visiting your Pinkberry shop. After 15 years in the frozen yogurt industry, we know how to keep our guests coming back again and again. It starts with the brand consistency that Pinkberry is built on. Guests make return trips for our superior frozen yogurt and our unbeatable hospitality.

Legacy of Pinkberry

Since our earliest days in Los Angeles in 2005, we’ve been leading the frozen yogurt phenomenon. The reputation we’ve built over the past 15 years is one reason Pinkberry guests are loyal and keep coming back. They know exactly what to expect when they step into any of our shops. That includes our signature swirl, tasty flavors and smiling Pinkberry team members who are excited to serve them.

We’ve been cultivating brand consistency for more than a decade and you can be a part of it. Franchising with Pinkberry will allow you to build your business on a brand that has proven, loyal guests who are always excited to make another trip to Pinkberry.

A Superior Product

It’s pretty simple: people come back to Pinkberry because they just can’t get enough of our delicious, tart frozen yogurt. In addition to our signature original flavor, Pinkberry continuously invests in flavor research and development so that our guests always have a reason to visit their nearest Pinkberry and be delighted by new flavors, combinations and toppings.

We also analyze data to make sure that Pinkberry stores keep fan-favorites stocked and in rotation. Corporate’s research and development efforts directly benefit franchisees by keeping guests coming back to their store to discover their new favorite flavor — or to indulge in their go-to.

Level of Service

We know that people can get frozen yogurt from a lot of different places. But the level of service we provide to our guests is unmatched. And that’s another reason Pinkberry guests keep choosing Pinkberry over other frozen yogurt shops. It starts as soon as a guest opens the door.

The Pinkberry team will greet them with a smile. We love our guests, so we want to make sure they feel welcome and appreciated as soon as they step foot in a Pinkberry shop. While some of our Pinkberry shops are transitioning to a self-serve model, we still have staff on hand to make flavor and toppings recommendations. And our traditional service model means that guests are always served their frozen yogurt with two hands and a smile.

The Pinkberry brand knows how to keep guests coming back. Our legacy, reputation,  delicious frozen yogurt and the level of service we provide to every person that comes through our doors are all reasons we have been able to build a loyal customer base across the country. Now you can bring customers in your market the frozen yogurt franchise they want and deserve by franchising with Pinkberry. Reach out for more information about this franchise opportunity.