The key to the Pinkberry® franchise model is the level of operational excellence that is displayed in every single Pinkberry shop and practiced by every single Pinkberry franchise owner. Explore why and how Pinkberry operations are at the heart of our brand.


As frozen yogurt innovators, we’ve perfected our operational model over the past 15 years. Starting with our delicious, tart frozen yogurt, we are dedicated to making sure that each guest gets the best. From store hours to staffing, we rely on a blend of Pinkberry’s franchising experience and our franchisees’ knowledge of their own market to run each franchisee owned Pinkberry shop.

Superior Hospitality

All of our operational excellence is about working toward one goal: making sure each Pinkberry guest has an unforgettably positive experience. Each staff member is trained on what it takes to make that happen, from a friendly greeting to serving up each cup of delicious, tart frozen yogurt with two hands and a smile.


The path to operational excellence starts with your franchisee training. Between the industry expertise of the Pinkberry corporate team and the trainers from Kahala brandsTM, you will have all of the operational knowledge you need. After five days in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Kahala headquarters and 80 hours in a training store, you will have Pinkberry operations down pat and be ready to bring them to your own community.

In addition to operational training, your training will include marketing, management and development support which will all add to your knowledge of the procedures and operations that get — and keep — a Pinkberry shop up and running.

Easy-to-Follow System

While operational excellence is a lofty goal, our easy-to-follow systems and procedures make it possible for every single Pinkberry franchisee to achieve. Training teaches you how. The operations manuals you take back to your store with you will be an excellent resource. And practice simply makes perfect.

The Pinkberry system is easy to follow, whether or not you have experience in the quick serve restaurant or frozen yogurt industries. Operational excellence is core to the Pinkberry brand, but it is upheld by franchisees across the globe every day. We know that you have the skillset to achieve it, too.

As a Pinkberry franchisee, you will receive all of the training you need to bring our perfected franchise model to your community. Are you ready to transfer your management expertise into operational excellence with Pinkberry? If so, please reach out for more information about the Pinkberry franchise opportunity.