Pinkberry has the frozen yogurt franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for! If you’re passionate about food, running a Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise is a great way to share your hobby with the world, and start a new career in the process! In this entry, we’ll let you know more about our brand and our products.

High-Quality Ingredients Come First

Many people don’t realize that what sets Pinkberry apart starts with how our yogurt is made. While other frozen yogurt chains might settle for less expensive dairy alternatives, our yogurt is always made with real milk and real yogurt. Our fruit is harvested at just the right time, ensuring the sweetest flavor, and is cut daily in our stores. We also strive to offer our clients just the products they’ve been looking for. We offer many varieties of tart and non-tart frozen yogurt, along with low-fat ice cream. When it comes to our toppings, we’re proud to offer a variety of organic, gluten-free, kosher, and nut-free options for customers to choose from.

The high-quality ingredients we source make our yogurt stand out from the rest. If you’re passionate about food, you’ll love experimenting with the endless flavor combinations of our yogurts, ice creams, and toppings. Customers love Pinkberry because of our innovative flavors like banana bread, cinnamon churro, and chocolate hazelnut. When you take advantage of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise opportunity, you’ll be able to put your knowledge to use by developing innovative pairings to delight your customers!

A Flexible Business Model

In addition to putting quality first, there are many other reasons to take advantage of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise opportunity. One reason to choose Pinkberry is because of our flexible business model and location requirements. Pinkberry stores start at just 200 square feet, allowing us to fit a location just about anywhere there’s plenty of foot traffic. College campuses, airports, and malls are just a few potential locations for a thriving Pinkberry franchise. This flexibility also makes it simple for our franchisees to operate more than one location!

Support Every Step of the Way

Another key advantage of Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt franchise opportunity is that we support our franchisees through the process of opening their business and beyond. For instance, we’ll provide you with valuable guidance when it comes to selecting a location. Finding the right location is crucial for any business venture. It’s important that you find a location has plenty of foot traffic and is in a prime spot to reach your potential customers. Our real estate connections and demographic data help you to make an informed decision, getting your business off on the right foot.

We also provide our franchisees with training, sharing with them the secrets of running one of our franchises as efficiently as possible. Of course, we’re always there to answer any questions they have every step of the way. When you partner with Pinkberry, you can look forward to receiving the guidance and support you need to run your business with confidence.

If you’re passionate about food, the Pinkberry frozen yogurt franchise opportunity might just be right for you. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to become a franchisee!